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Are you still using paper as the medium to transfer data between applications?

Taha Data Exchange (TDX)

It is time to change the traditional ways of Engineering Data Exchange

Taha Data Exchange SaaS Application (Save Money, Save Time, Save Paper, Save Environment)



In 2004, the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) released a report on the impact of the lack of digital interoperability in the capital projects industry. Based on interviews and survey responses, $15.8 billion in annual interoperability costs were quantified for the capital facilities industry in 2002. see the report here or here. (Cost Analysis of Inadequate Interoperability in the U.S. Capital Facilities Industry)

On average about 20-30% of the Engineers and Designers time are spent on creating paper documents or interpreting these documents to transfer data from Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) applications to Computer-Aided Design (CAD) applications.

A lot of these tasks can be replaced by what we call Computer-Aided Data Exchange (CAX).

As an example, a structural engineer will create a lot of sketches on paper to convey engineering information from their structural engineering application to the designers, so that they can implement, draft or model them in CAD applications.

This will be even more cumbersome when the design changes and the engineers have to repeat this tedious task all over again and again.


With the right CAX technology, you are not only able to save time on these data transfers, but also omit the human error factor which leads to time waste or even collateral damage costs.

Although a lot of effort has been made in the last 30 years to automate the data transfer between applications, what is called interoperability, still there is no off-the-shelf and ready-to-use product that can be utilised for such a purpose. Hence engineers and drafters still work with pen and paper even in today's world of robust technologies.

We at Taha Solutions are approaching this challenge with the Think Big Act Small (TBAS) methodology. We are creating a SaaS solution that can be used for these types of data transfers.

Although at the beginning our platform will be only covering some applications, we will continue adding more and more applications to it.

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Project Timeline

Q4 2023
Mechanical Applications

Including Mechanical Applications into our platform

Q3 2023
Piping Applications

Including Piping Applications into our platform

Q2 20223
TDXP004, TDXE004, TDXP005, TDXE005, 
 TDXP006 and TDXE006 Product Launch

Personal and Enterprise Tier:

004: PDMS to Staad Pro Data Exchange

005: PDMS to Sesam GeniE Data Exchange

006: PDMS to Tekla Data Exchange

Q1 2023
TDXP003, TDXE003 Product Launch

Personal and Enterprise Tier - Tekla to PDMS Data Exchange

15 December 2021
TDXP002 and TDXE002 Product Launched

Personal and Enterprise Tier - Sesam GeniE to PDMS Pro Data Exchange

1 December 2021
TDXE001 Product Lunched

Enterprise Tier - Staad Pro to PDMS Data Exchange

15 November 2021
TDXP001 Product Lunched

Personal Tier - Staad Pro to PDMS Data Exchange


More robust data integration created in 2019 as a manual application which successfully transferred Staad (Structural Analysis) files to PDMS (3D Modelling Application) .mac files


The idea of data exchange between engineering applications started back in 1990

Many small integration projects have been delivered during those years

TDX Enterprise Solution for Staad to PDMS and Sesam GeniE to PDMS are ready to be used

But we can still help you with Personal Tier TDXP001 (manual data transfer) between Staad Pro and PDMS. Just click on the right button and send us an email with your Staad Pro file and Mapping File and we will send you the PDMS .mac file by email within 2-8 business hours when your payment process is completed.

Alternatively just create a new support ticket in our support portal and upload your Staad Pro and Mapping files over there.

Instruction on how to create mapping file can be found here.

Instruction on how to create a new ticket for Manual TDX Request on our support portal can be found here.


TDXP (Personal Tier)

kr 7.70

/ element
  • For users with occasional use
    (max 8 usage per month)
  • Maximum 2 modules
    (No CRM power and support)
  • No customisation
  • Email support

TDXE (Enterprise Tier)

kr 9.90

/ element
  • For organisations with frequent use
    (more than 8 usage per month)
  • Access to all modules and features
    (Unlimited CRM power and support)
  • Paid customisation
  • Email support / Dedicated Support Manager