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TAHA provides procurement services to public and private sector mostly on High Tech and IT equipments and software.

We have started these services back in 2017 and have some of the biggest Norwegian Organisations such as Skatteetaten (Norwegian Tax Administration) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) amongst our customers.

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Success Stories

Skatteetaten Nexus Platform Frame Agreement

In Skatteetaten (the Norwegian Tax Administration), over 6500 employees work towards the same goal; to secure the financing the welfare society.

Taha Solutions and Services AS has been awarded a frame agreement contract to provide Sonatype's Nexus Pro, Nexus Lifecycle and Nexus Firewall products (Nexus Platform).

The Agreement worth over 8M NOK and has come to effect on 8th May 2019 and will be running for 4 years.

Sonatype is the leading provider of DevOps-native tools to automate modern software supply chains.  As the creators of Apache Maven, the Central Repository, and Nexus Repository, Sonatype pioneered componentised software development and has a rich history of supporting open source innovation.  Today, more than 120,000 organisations depend on Sonatype’s Nexus platform to govern the volume, variety, and quality of open source components flowing into modern software applications. 

Sonatype is privately held with investments from New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Accel Partners, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Morgenthaler Ventures, Bay Partners and Goldman Sachs.

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Frequency-domain fNIRS system

After delivering the Vacuum Induction Furnace to Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Taha Solutions and Services As has been awarded the contract for delivering an equipment for Multimodal Neuroimaging for Language Processing Research.

Taha will deliver a complete frequency-domain fNIRS system, with at least 8 emitters and 5 detectors. The offered solution includes measurement caps of different sizes (for recordings with young children as well as adults), over caps (to block environmental light), short-distance detectors (to filter out the extracerebral component from the NIRS signal) and any other necessary components.

Taha will also provide installation, training and on-site support, of both hardware (fNIRS) and software specifying what is part of the overall offer.

The Contract with over 1.6M NOK value is awarded in March 2019 and the system will be delivered in May 2019.

Vacuum Induction Furnace

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is after 01.01.2016 the largest university with about 39,000 students and 6,500 full-time positions and is responsible for the higher technological education in Norway.

Taha Solutions and Services AS has been awarded a contract worth over 4.5M NOK for delivery of a Vacuum Induction Furnace to NTNU's Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

The furnace is planned to be used for a large variety of heat treatment, refining and melting experiments with different types of raw materials (slag/metal based) and under vacuum or under different type of gas atmosphere (inert, reducing and optionally oxidising) atmosphere.

Furnace has been successfully commissioned in March 2019.

Current Meters (RCM)

The Norwegian Polar Institute is a directorate under the Ministry of the Environment and the Institute is the central state institution for mapping, environmental monitoring and administrative research in the Arctic and Antarctica and Norwegian polar research. NP is also a professional and strategic adviser to the central administration and professional advisory for environmental directorates and the Governor of Police in Polar Affairs.

The Norwegian Polar Institute awarded a frame agreement to Taha Solutions and services AS to deliver Recording Current Meters ( RCM ) to be implemented on fixed oceanographic moorings in observation systems in Arctic or Antarctic waters within ongoing and / or future monitoring and research projects. It will be both the delivery of instruments and parts and service.

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